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The ObamaPad

Saw this online and wanted to share with you. The Obamapad. If only people could see .  .  .

What a great analogy for the health care debate / Health Care reform / socialized medicine mess – or government waste. Feel free to pass along the link to your friends.


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Thoughts on the Obama Address to Congress

I really don’t want to get engaged in political flashpoint issues on this, but after last night’s heckling of the President by Rep. Joe Wilson (R-SC), I guess I have to put in my two cents worth.
This afternoon, I got involved in an online “conversation” with several younger people. The originator commented that if she had called her boss a liar in a staff meeting, that she would have been fired. Hmm.
Someone responded with this gem, “His boss is not the President, his boss are the racist republicans that he represent [sic] in his district. To them he is a hero. And of course he is the liar because the plan does not cover illegals. You know that I’m glad to see that you are paying attention…Don’t call your boss a liar LOL!!!” She kind of halfway had that right. His boss is not the President, but his constituents who hired him to represent them.
My response, was this. “I may be missing something, but how can Joe Wilson’s outburst be construed in any way as racist? It was stupid of him to shout it out, but racist? Nope.”
Another response to that was, “To Todd Kelly…Who [sic] do you see on TV when illegals are mentioned and what is the President. [sic] Last but not least who [sic] do you see at the town hall meeting with the same disrepectful mentality of Joe Wilson? That’s how I see it! Yep!” (Notice the clever repeating here. I said “Nope”, she gave the witty rejoinder of “Yep!”)

I understand, of course, what she meant by “what is the President”. I’m not one to prejudge people based on their membership in a demographic group, or based on their ethnicity, ‘cuz I try to live in a post-racial world. I don’t care what the President’s race is – or what anyone’s race is, for that matter. I’m much more concerned about the content of his character. Isn’t that what Dr. King wanted?

What does puzzle me is that many of the same people (of all races and ethnicities) cry the loudest when “their man” (is that sexist?) is heckled. When the past administration was challenged with chants like “Bush Lied, People Died”, where were those people’s protests? When previous legislators were shouted down at war protest rallies and social security town hall meetings, where were these people? Oh wait,  think they the ones doing the shouting.

If it’s respect for the office of President of the United States, you want, then show it equally across the board, no matter the occupant. Otherwise, don’t get upset when “your man” gets challenged. President Obama is as much my president as he is anyone else’s. I respect the office he holds. He’s just really, really wrong on this whole socialized medicine issue.

Bottom line is, in my opinion, it’s a bad plan the way it’s currently proposed. Government control of medicine, the insurance industry, the auto industry, the oil industry, or any other industry simply does not work, because those who are elected soon find that they can use their regulatory power over those industries to control the ballot box. We’… Read Moreve found that already with Social Security, with Medicare and Medicaid, with public education and public transportation. They don’t work – this won’t work either.
I wish it would work. I wish that we could live in a Utopian society, wherein all of our members had universal health care and where everyone simply got along. That’s another blog topic for another day.

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