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Tamara Lowe at Christ Fellowship

February 23, 2010 —  Tamara Lowe performs her motivational rap at Christ Fellowship Church in S. Florida. This has been all over YouTube, but I find it intriguing and wanted to share it with you.


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Remembering a Personal 9-11

I’ve been reading all day about remembrances of September 11, 2001. That got me to doing some reminiscing of my own. Everyone has a story. Everyone remembers where they were and what they were doing. Here’s mine.

At the time, I was the project manager on a massive government relocation program. We were moving about 1,200 state employees from the GA Dept of Revenue off of Capitol Hill in Atlanta out to an outlying location about 10 miles from the Capitol. Every Tuesday morning at 7 am, we had a project status meeting with the department heads. There were about 20 people in each of these meetings.

I was temporarily housed in the new building and we were having the first of these weekly meetings there. Our IT department had already moved and I was occupying a cubicle on their floor.

The meeting broke up and I returned to my temporary cubicle to answer a call from my wife. Because she was a teacher, and two months pregnant at the time, I was disturbed to receive a call from her at that hour – wondered why she wasn’t at school. The news she had for me was shocking. As I listened to her telling me what was happening, I looked across the way and saw a group of middle eastern programmers watching a video on their computer screen of smoke coming out of the side of the WTC and speaking loudly in a language I obviously couldn’t understand. But it got worse.

I immediately left for the day. Not because of what was happening in NYC, but because the news my wife told me on the phone was much more personal. She was losing our baby.

I imediately raced home (12.8 miles – a short commute by Atlanta standards) and held her as she writhed in pain. Together, we saw the North Tower collapse.

Jean and I had been married for two and a half years by that time. We honeymooned for 10 days in NYC and had visited there again just a few months prior for our “once in a lifetime” experience of standing in 18 degree weather watching Dick Clark from about 60 feet away in Times Square. On that trip, we had shopped in the mall below the WTC, I vividly remember the girl who helped us at the Coach Store. We bought clothes at Century 21 across the street, and toured the little church and cemetery down the block. New York was our adopted vacationland. We had even considered moving there, and I had gone on several interviews there before the job with the State of GA came along.

So, my reminiscence of 9-11 involves some deeply personal stuff. We didn’t lose any loved ones in the attacks that day, but I couldn’t (and still can’t) get it out of my head wondering how many people we had seen on that trip who may have been killed that day. How many of them were instantly disintegrated? How many of those that we said “Hi” to, as crazy southerner tourists? How many were just GONE? 

But we had one of our most intimate experiences as a family that day. We cried a lot and prayed a lot that day and in the days to come. Mercifully, God had a plan for us that we did not understand at that time. We stayed in Atlanta. Our daughter was born almost exactly 10 months later. And we have had so many blessings since that time, I can’t name them all. I will mention that the best news out of that day was that my college roommate’s daughter was born that day. Easy to remember her birthday.

But the horror we felt as we watched all those years ago . . .  is ingrained in our psyche. We still feel it to this day. We will never forget.


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Review of Max Lucado’s Fearless

I have just finished reading Max Lucado’s new book Fearless, and I can’t emphasize enough how timely this book is. Lucado reassures the reader that it’s ok to be afraid, and he addresses many things that we fear in terms of how a Christian should look to the scriptures before reacting.

I like the way that Lucado does not preach, but rather, walks along  through the normal fears that haunt our minds and hearts. He addresses common fears like being alone, losing a job, losing loved ones, worries about children, among other fears. You feel like he shares these with you. That he has lived through them. In the book, he describes many times that he did.

What sets Fearless apart, is how Lucado uses familiar scriptures. Some of the chapters really grabbed me, and I felt my uplifted. One example is the story of Jesus calming the storm. While the disciples were afraid for their lives, Jesus slept soundly in the worst part of the boat. When He awoke, He showed them how baseless their fear was, and immediately calmed the storm, like a parent going into a small child’s room at night to prove there are no monsters under the bed. Just as the parent knows there is no monster, Jesus did not fear the storm. We, are like the small child.

Max Lucado’s book Fearless is published by Thomas Nelson Publishers.

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