I’ve Moved!

Well, I haven’t exactly moved, but my blog has.

If you’ve been logging in here to see what I’ve been up to, then click here and head on over to my newly relocated blog at www.ptoddkelly.com

Let me know what you think- over there, not over here. I won’t be checking back in here too often, and will only be posting on the new address.

If you’re interested in having your own blog with your own personalized domain name, feel free to contact me at todd@taxtraxx.com and I’ll help you out with that.

You can also find me at:
http://taxtraxx.com – Providing tax related consulting across the USA.
http://bigrockpubs.com – A publisher of books. A home for writers.
http://ptoddkelly.com – My blog – talking about taxes, politics, government waste and abuse, Christianity, parenting, sports, and entertainment
http://danielcarterbeard.net A blog about old time scouting for old time scouters.(coming soon)
http://scouterblog.com – where scouts and scouters can get their own FREE scout themed blogspace
http://truckloadresources.com – A fantastic new portal for the trucking industry, featuring a massive directory, blog center, news, tax assistance, travel assistance, and points of interest nationwide.

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