Review of Max Lucado’s Fearless

I have just finished reading Max Lucado’s new book Fearless, and I can’t emphasize enough how timely this book is. Lucado reassures the reader that it’s ok to be afraid, and he addresses many things that we fear in terms of how a Christian should look to the scriptures before reacting.

I like the way that Lucado does not preach, but rather, walks along  through the normal fears that haunt our minds and hearts. He addresses common fears like being alone, losing a job, losing loved ones, worries about children, among other fears. You feel like he shares these with you. That he has lived through them. In the book, he describes many times that he did.

What sets Fearless apart, is how Lucado uses familiar scriptures. Some of the chapters really grabbed me, and I felt my uplifted. One example is the story of Jesus calming the storm. While the disciples were afraid for their lives, Jesus slept soundly in the worst part of the boat. When He awoke, He showed them how baseless their fear was, and immediately calmed the storm, like a parent going into a small child’s room at night to prove there are no monsters under the bed. Just as the parent knows there is no monster, Jesus did not fear the storm. We, are like the small child.

Max Lucado’s book Fearless is published by Thomas Nelson Publishers.


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