Social Media Makes Some Folks Laugh

Have you ever awakened in the middle of the night with a great idea for a blog, a journal entry, an invention, or a new way to do something? That happened to me recently, on August 12th to be exact. What it was inspired the headline for this blog entry, “Social Media Makes Some Folks Laugh.” So, I got up, logged in to WordPress and typed in this headline. I thought it would be a great article, that would inspire millions, and change the way we all look and use Social Media.

The great lesson I learned this time was that I have to remember to write more than just the headline next time I have an inspiring Wake Up Moment, because I completely lost the thought when I went back to write the article. In fact, I completely forgot that I had even written the headline until I was cleaning out my drafts today. Poof.

So, sorry folks. I guess that whatever world changing words would have come from my fingertips have been lost forever – kind of like the great literature of the ancient world.

If I emailed any of you in a state of slumber and told you about it, please let me know.



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