Thoughts on Ted Kennedy

From a political standpoint, I never really agreed with the late Sen. Edward Kennedy on much. His brother President Kennedy died almost exactly two years before I was born, and his brother Bobby was murdered when I was only 2 1/2 years old, so Ted was the only Kennedy I really knew about in life.

I remember following with interest his run to unseat Jimmy Carter for the Democratic nomination in 1980. I had just moved to Georgia a year earlier and the people there were so aghast at what a poor President their native son had become – I think that’s when Georgia flipped over to become what is now called a “Red State”.

One thing about Ted Kennedy that I always admired was that he never waivered in his positions. He never changed his tune. He was a liberal and was not ashamed to say so. So many from the left nowadays shy away from the liberal label, preferring to be called things like “progressive”, while conversely requiring derogatory labels for others.
Kennedy had his problems, no doubt, and history may or may not remember them. He had his qualities and we will hear of them ad nauseum for weeks.

Now, I hear that Robert Byrd wants to name the Socialized Medicine bill in Kennedy’s honor. Appropriate, considering that this was his dream for decades

I don’t know. I’ll kind of miss the liberal old lion. Now all we’re left with are lyin’ old liberals.


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