Midnight Train to (Georgia)

First, please let me apologize for a couple of events that I experienced recently on a couple of my Twitter accounts, caused by – The-Follow-Train. For the record, the accounts were @ptoddkelly and @tweetraxx

I hope I’ve had a chance to apologize to all my Twitter followers for the way those jackholes spammed my account over the past few days. If not, please accept my humblest apologies.

After some research, I have figured out a logical way to prevent it. I have been reading your replies and DM”s, with chagrin. 

In order to keep you from falling into the same trap, take a lesson from what I learned. I signed up for the Follow-Train a few days ago, because a trusted Tweeter whom I follow suggested that I do. Well, that’s not entirely true. As I later found out, he had been spammed in the same way. Why? Apparently he had been told, er, spammed to do so by someone HE trusted, and so on, and so on, and so on.

Cut to the chase – the 3rd party app promises to increase your followers by having you follow a group of “VIP”s who, in turn will follow you. Sign is free, and you also have to follow 20 additional victims, er, people, who are also “Riding the Train” (to Nowheresville). And, finally, they ask your permission to retweet on your account, but what they DON”T tell you is the frequency of these tweets, which turns out to be, in my experience, about every 90 minutes or so, to the point that long time Facebook friends were posting snide comments on my wall, followers were leaving, etc. 

It’s free and simple, but nearly impossible to “Quit the Train”.

Here’s what happened to me. I signed up late one night, thus the title for this post, and went to bed. I did not see the promised increase of 200 or more followers in a single day. I did see that they had hijacked my account and tweeted overnight about seven times the following message: “RT – Get 350 twitter followers in a day – NO SALE – http://xxxxxxxx.com/x” (I have concealed the URL, so that no one reading this is in anyway tempted to click on it.

After seeing this, I immediately went back to the site and attempted to cancel my account. I thought this would solve the problem and that the RT’s would stop and that I would have happy tweeps! About 2 hours later, the Re-Tweeting started again. Even though I have cancelled the account!! Once again, the only “Train” I got was more complaints from followers.

I did some more research and have found that the only way to make this process stop is to change my Twitter password, which I have now done. So far, so good, let’s hope and pray. Bear in mind that changing your Twitter password opens up a whole other can of worms, e.g. changing said password on all legit 3rd party apps like #Tweetdeck, #Hootsuite, # Tweetlater, etc.

Several other people have posted blogs about this topic and it appears that the general consensus is that there are two things fundamentally wrong with this particular 3rd Party. First, it auto-tweeted AFTER I cancelled the account (several people claim to have had the same problem), but there is no way to contact anyone on the Follow-Train website (whose URL I am not publishing, remember). Of course, if I’d used better judgement in the first place, I would have probably noticed this and avoided all this hassle.

As other bloggers have said, I would love for someone from Follow-Train staff to comment, and maybe offer some kind of explanation for these issues many have had. I haven’t noticed anybody from this company commenting on anyone’s blog so far. But, who knows. Seems like there’d be a conductor, an engineer, a porter, even a guy from the ticket window who could reply.

My advice – stay away from “The Follow Train”. If you’re on the train, don’t bother trying to get off, just change your password, because that’s the only way that appears to work.

Once again, sorry to those whom I inadvertantly spammed.



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